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April 24, 2008

Stelmach: The Best Premier Oil Money Can Buy

Dear friends,

Tonight, Greenpeace activists sent a clear message to Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach and his government that Alberta belongs to its residents and not the oil companies. Two Greenpeace activists disrupted Stelmach’s annual Edmonton Premier’s Dinner, descending from the ceiling of the Shaw Conference Centre and unveiling a banner that read: “$telmach: The Best Premier Oil Money Can Buy.”

Stelmach: The Best Premier Oil Money Can Buy

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Stop the Tar Sands Mr. Harper!


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As the national anthem ended and the Premier began addressing more than 1,000 supporters in the audience, Greenpeace activists dropped from the catwalk above the fundraising dinner with the large banner, stunning the premier for a moment as media and attendees turned their attention to the banner.

It has been frustrating for us all, watching Alberta’s Premier ignore the voice of the citizens he’s supposed to be serving while constantly bending to the demands of Big Oil. While the tar sands have secured themselves as the most environmentally destructive project in Canada’s history and one of the top greenhouse gas emitters in the world, the provincial government has been busy approving every single tar sands proposal that has come across its desk, despite the public outcry.

Tonight was a step, but the battle is far from over. We need you to get involved and speak out.

What you can do

Take action on the tar sands. As a Canadian, you have the right to demand that our leaders put a stop to our country’s most environmentally devastating project. Send the message to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach that our resources are not theirs to sell to the highest bidder.

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